Free Skytag GPS tracker device for Norton customers

How does Skytag tracking work?


Whether you own one vehicle or several, we know that the safety of your cars is a priority. With the Skytag GPS tracking service, you can massively speed up the recovery process if your vehicle ever gets stolen. The Skytag service will be able to supply police with direct access to live, real-time location data.

There are three tracking options available with your Skytag GPS device: standard tracking, active tracking and live tracking. 

Your GPS tracker will send live location data to Skytag, with the ability for you to choose ‘safe zones’ for your vehicle, such as your driveway. And, if your vehicle is kept in a different location, you can even track it in real-time.

The benefits of a Skytag tracker


  • Monitoring service which operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year
  • If your vehicle is stolen, Skytag will liaise with the nearest police command centre to your vehicle location
  • Simple to install
  • Monthly GPS tracker equipment test and operational health check
  • 5-year warranty on your GPS device
  • Device is fully transferable should you wish to switch it to a different vehicle

What tracking options are available?

To get your free Skytag tracker unit, take a look at the tracking options available, and let us know which one suits you best in the contact form below.

Your name, contact number, and email address will be shared with Skytag Limited so they can contact you regarding your enquiry about a free GPS tracker unit. Your details will not be shared with any other third party. The free Skytag tracker unit is only available to those with an active Norton vehicle insurance policy.

Following an upfront payment for one year, a monthly instalment option is available.

Standard Tracking - £7.99 per month
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 24-hour crime line with police liaison to speed up the recovery of your vehicle if it is stolen
  • Alerts when the battery is disconnected, as well as low battery alerts
  • Monthly health check and email notifications
Active Monitoring - £11.99 per month

The Active Monitoring option is one of the more popular options among our Norton clients. It offers all the same benefits of the Standard Tracking service, plus some extras to keep your vehicles as safe as possible.

With Active Monitoring, you will receive active movement alerts with two options:

  • LeisureSafe: this option is perfect for leisure vehicles which are driven around 2-3 times per week. It is fully automatic, so you won’t need to remember to turn your tracker ‘on’ or ‘off’. It can also create a bespoke ‘safe zone’ to recognise where your vehicle is normally stored. If your vehicle then moves out of the safe zone during the protected hours, you will be sent an alert directly to your landline, SMS and email.
  • NightSafe: this option is suited to those who use their vehicles for everyday use and are looking for tracking protection during the vulnerable night hours. Using a safe zone similar to LeisureSafe, you will be alerted if your vehicle is moved during the armed period.
Live Tracking - £13.99 per month

The Live Tracking option has all the benefits of Active Monitoring, plus user-designed zones, speed alerts, and the ability to see vehicle updates by logging in from any internet enabled device.

  • Liveview: this service includes unlimited email alerts and 10 direct telephone alerts per week.

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