Free Agreed Value

What is Agreed Value Car Insurance?

With agreed value car insurance, you and the insurer agree what your vehicle is worth when you take out the cover. This agreed value is locked in for the life of the policy. If you don’t have agreed value, any claim you make would be settled at the market rate value of your car at the time of the claim. As cars can depreciate over time, this means you could end up losing money against the original value of your vehicle.

Ask us about Free Agreed Value

At Norton, we don’t charge for agreed value. You can get the agreed value of your car written into your policy for free, giving you peace of mind that if your cherished vehicle is written off, or stolen and not recovered, you know exactly what you’ll be paid out.

Free agreed value car insurance with Norton can also give you the option to make adjustments to the value of your car mid-term, should its value go up during the course of your policy. 

Not sure if you have agreed value on your car policy? Give us a call on 0121 248 9440 and our friendly team will be happy to help you, or send us a message. If you’re a new customer, get in touch for a free agreed value car insurance quote.

How do I get Agreed Value on my car insurance?

Just let us know when you take out your policy that you’d like agreed value. We can agree values up to £30,000 readily in-house; if your car is valued over £30,000, we’ll request six photographs to be sent to us. Your photos will need to include:

  • front
  • rear
  • passenger side
  • driver side
  • interior
  • engine bay

We may also request a mileage reading for the vehicle.

Get a vehicle insurance quote with Free Agreed Value

Just send us a quick message below with details on the vehicle you would like Agreed Value on, and we’ll be in touch.