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Types of collections cover

Collections insurance covers you against accidental damage, fire, flood, and theft. Some kinds of cover can also protect against depreciation due to damage, although usually general wear and tear are not included.

Broadly speaking there are two kinds of collections cover – blanket cover, where the overall collection is protected to a certain value, and scheduled or itemised cover, where the individual parts of your collection are listed, with their values, within the policy. Your personal client manager will be able to help you determine which type of cover may be more suitable for your collection. If you don’t have a valuation for your collection, we can put you in touch with a professional valuer.

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Protection for

Exhibitions and shows

If you exhibit some or all of your collection periodically, you may need additional cover included in your policy to make sure your collectibles are protected when they’re not where you usually keep them. This is useful for when you want to showcase your pieces at shows or exhibitions.

Your policy can even be extended to include worldwide cover if your collections travels abroad (with or without you!), giving you peace of mind that your collection is covered, wherever you send or take it.

How do I know if I need collections insurance?

In many cases, collectibles have some cover under your home insurance, which is why many people never consider collections insurance at all. But if your collection is extensive, or valuable, you might find additional cover is a sensible idea. We’ve written a guide on how to know whether collectibles cover is for you – click below to find out more.


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Are my valuables covered under my home insurance?

Some collections can be included in your home insurance, depending on their value. However, it’s always risky to assume your home policy will cover your valuables – it’s important to check this when you review your home insurance. There are usually limits in home insurance policies on the highest value claim you can make for a single item, meaning higher value collectibles might not be covered. As always, it depends on the kind of policy, and the value of your home as well.

Our team can help you find out whether your collection can be included in your home insurance, or whether dedicated collections insurance would be more suitable.