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What pet cover can I get through Norton?

We offer access to a great range of pet insurance options through Healthy Pets, the UK’s leading online pet insurance provider for cats and dogs.

Choose from 6 levels of cover, from accident only through to lifetime cover. Your pet (and your pocket) can benefit from pet insurance options that include vet’s fees, complementary medicine, special diets, dentistry due to accident or injury, and cover for ongoing conditions.

If you have a holiday cancelled or are taking your pet overseas, you can even get cover that includes these possibilities, plus boarding kennel fees.

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How does getting pet insurance with Healthy Pets work?

We want getting a UK pet insurance quote to be as simple as possible for you. So, Healthy Pet’s bespoke survey will only take the information needed to give you a quote, and will then present you with options for lifetime cover, maximum benefit, and accident only cover. You can choose to see more information and the levels of cover available.

As a thank you for choosing Healthy Pets through Norton Insurance Brokers, an additional 10% discount will be automatically applied to your quote.

If you’re happy to go ahead with your chosen pet insurance, you can go ahead and buy it there and then. You can even pay monthly by direct debit with no extra fees.

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Pet ownership is on the up in the UK

According to the PDSA’s 2022 PAW report, ownership of both cats and dogs has gone up pretty steeply since 2020. The UK dog population went from 9.6 million in 2021 to 10.2 million in 2022, while the pet cat population wen from 10.7 million to 11.1. It seems more and more UK households are becoming pet-owners, and we have Covid-19 partly to thank for it – pet acquisition went through a spike as households spent more time at home during successive lockdowns.

The PDSA reports that new pet ownership has also increased – people getting a cat or dog who haven’t had one before.

For pet owners new and old, insuring your pet against possible illness or accident is an important part of their care. This is why Healthy Pets offer different kinds of cover, depending on the pet you have and the care they’re most likely to need. For example, Lifetime Cover is likely to be best for pets likely to develop ongoing conditions such as arthritis, while Maximum Benefit cover is designed to cover accidents or illnesses that require short-term or a one-off treatment. You can also get Accident Only cover, which is best for older pets where they are no longer eligible for more comprehensive cover.

Find out more and see what cover level may be best for your pet, via the Healthy Pets portal below.


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