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In harbour and at sea

Our marine insurance includes a £3 million liability limit as standard, and £5 million as standard for sailing dinghies and catamarans. So when you take out small craft insurance with Norton, you’re well protected in the event of an accident involving someone else’s boat.

You can also benefit from no excess on liability claims, and no claims discount protection of up to 5 years. Our small craft insurance automatically covers transit on craft up to 30ft long, and you can get optional racing cover for dinghies and yachts – so sign up for that regatta!

You’ll want to be sure that your passengers are protected, and with personal accident cover included in your policy, you can be. Accidental injury and emergency doctors’ fees if someone is injured both on the craft or getting on and off it, as well as other specific injuries, are insured under comprehensive cover. For details and to ensure you have the coverage that will give you peace of mind, give your personal client manager a call.

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Narrowboats and barges

It’s not just sailing and motorboats we can provide small craft cover for – our small craft insurance options extend to river-bound boats such as barges and narrowboats can also be covered with us.

It’s important to know that house boats come under a different kind of insurance, as do boats which are let for hire or charter. If you have craft with these requirements, speak with us directly and we’ll help you find the most suitable cover options for your particular needs.

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Watersports craft

Dinghies, jet skis, motorboats and other watersports craft can be included in small craft insurance with Norton Insurance Brokers. People often don’t consider that even a set of canoes or kayaks need specific insurance! And the good news is that up to 30 days’ use in Europe is also included, if you’re taking your craft abroad. For those planning a trip away, we also provide reliable travel insurance to keep you safe while you’re away from home.

You can get optional liability cover for towing of toys, so if you’re motoring your boat in a lake or the sea with a float on the back of it, or towing waterskiers, you’ll want to make sure it’s included in your policy.

Speak with your personal client manager, or contact us below, to discuss our small craft insurance options in more detail and find the ideal quote for your craft.

Small craft insurance FAQs

Is boat insurance a legal requirement?

While it is not a legal requirement in all cases, it is definitely recommended to take out some form of small craft insurance to cover yourself, your boat and any passengers in the unlikely event of damage to the boat or injury to someone onboard. 

You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re covered, and our range of small craft cover will help you find the ideal boat insurance option for you. 

Do I need insurance for a dinghy?

Again, while it is not necessarily a legal requirement to have dinghy insurance, it is well worth considering cover in the unlikely event that you damage your dinghy or accidentally injure yourself or another person. 

What is the best type of yacht insurance?

When looking for the ideal yacht insurance, you’ll want to consider two key areas. The first is to cover any damage to the yacht itself, including the hull, engine and/or sails, and the other key area is some level of liability insurance to cover those on board or who come into contact with your yacht. 

You’ll be pleased to know that at Norton, our marine insurance includes a £3 million liability limit as standard, and £5 million as standard for catamarans. 

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