How to prepare for a campervan holiday this autumn


As the autumn starts to roll in, many are deciding to make the most of the pre-winter season with a relaxing getaway. With so many missed or postponed holidays over the past 18 months, it’s no surprise that there has been such an uptake in travel this year, as people rush to get their break away from home.

Campervan holidays in the UK are becoming especially popular this year, with bookings rising by 500% in some areas. This might be something to do with post-Covid travel, as people are reportedly veering away from public modes of transport. It could also be the freedom that a campervan offers: staying in a new location each night, having the freedom to drive anywhere at just a moment’s decision – for many, it’s a holiday style that can’t be beaten.

This autumn, travel isn’t quite as straightforward as it was a couple of years ago. In the post-Covid world, there are new rules in place which travellers should be aware of. For those going abroad, it’s also important to remember that these rules are constantly changing; countries are moving from the green to amber lists or amber to red and vice versa, sometimes leaving little room to plan in advance.

To help you have a smooth holiday this autumn, we’ve listed a few top tips for your travel plans on the road.

Taking your camper outside the UK? Here’s what you need to know about Covid laws

For those planning a trip outside of the UK, make sure to keep an eye on the latest government updates on travel. All countries have been placed onto red, amber or green lists, which give an indication of where you’re permitted to travel. You should also keep in mind that each country has their own individual travel rules; you can check these rules on the government website.

  • Green list: Travel to a green list country is the safest option of travel for your holiday abroad. Travellers will need to take a COVID-19 test in the 3 days before returning to the UK, as well as another Covid test on the second day of your return. You must also complete a passenger locator form.
  • Amber list: If you’re fully vaccinated and travelling to an amber list country, you won’t need to isolate when returning to the UK, as long as you can provide proof of vaccination and take a Covid test after returning. You’ll also need to complete a passenger locator form. Unvaccinated travellers, on the other hand, will need to quarantine in their homes for 10 days upon returning to the UK, as well as taking 2 Covid tests on days 2 and 8.

Travel in the UK

Inside the UK, the travel restrictions between Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland have been relaxed, with holidaymakers now allowed to travel freely between countries – as well as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

We recommend keeping an eye on local authorities’ websites close to your planned trip, to make sure you’re aware of any changes that might be made.

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