Cyber Insurance

Do I need Cyber Insurance for my business?

The repercussions of a cyberattack can be truly devastating for a business. No matter how small or large your business may be, you could be the next target of cybercriminals. The cost of any repercussions isn’t typically covered under standard Business Insurance, so you need dedicated cyber cover to stay protected.

When determining the level of cyber cover your business needs, you will need to assess the digital threat to your business.

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Most common types of cyber attacks

Understanding the most common types of cyber attacks will help you prepare and protect your business. While there are dozens of different cyberattacks, some of the most popular attacks include:

  • Phishing: Deceptive attempts to steal sensitive information by pretending to be a trustworthy entity through fraudulent emails or messages.
  • Malware: Malicious software designed to damage or disrupt systems, steal data or gain unauthorised access.
  • Ransomware: A continuation of the above; malicious software that locks you out of your systems or data, demanding a ransom for restoration.
  • Data breaches: Unauthorised access to your confidential data, potentially leading to identity theft and financial loss.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS): Overwhelming a system, network or website with excessive traffic causing it to become slow or inoperable.

What’s included in our Cyber Insurance

Cyberattacks can severely impact businesses, and with cybercriminals being as crafty as ever, it’s important to have robust cyber security measures and insurance in place. The repercussions can be truly devastating for a business, but Cyber Insurance can protect you for:

  • Liability costs: Covering legal claims resulting from data breaches, security failure or other cyber incidents.
  • Restoration of computer systems: Restoring and recovering compromised systems, data and software after an attack.
  • Data loss: For the loss or corruption of sensitive data, including customer information and intellectual property.
  • Business interruption: Lost income and other operational expenses incurred due to a cyberattack.
  • Reputation management: Assistance with public relations to restore your business’ reputation following a cyber incident.
  • Cyber extortion: Cover for ransom payments and negotiation costs in the event of a ransomware attack.
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Why choose Norton for your Cyber Insurance?

At Norton, we’ve been protecting our clients’ assets since 1965. By choosing us, we’ll work with you to get the cover you need and more, as well as:

  • Saving you time shopping around on comparison sites whilst we do it for you – getting you the best cover at a competitive price.
  • Have your very own Personal Client Manager as a direct point of contact who you can call with any questions about your policy – at no extra cost.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if the unexpected happens.

We will help you identify the risks you need to mitigate. From the type of data you store and the equipment you use, we will review each insurable aspect in order to arrange Cyber Insurance that suits your needs.

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