Skiing and Winter Sports Insurance

What's included in our winter sports travel insurance

Our winter holiday insurance ensures protection, whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, or simply enjoying the après-ski atmosphere. Alongside standard travel insurance benefits like coverage for unexpected trip cancellations and lost or stolen luggage, you’ll also get protection for: 

  • Equipment protection: Coverage for lost, damaged, delayed or stolen winter sports equipment – whether it’s hired or your own. 
  • Piste closure compensation: Reimbursement if the slopes are closed due to weather conditions and you can’t ski.  
  • Skiing and snowboarding accidents: Emergency medical expenses assistance should the worst happen.  

Why choose Norton for your winter holiday insurance?

When planning an unforgettable winter holiday, there’s a lot to think about including securing the right travel insurance. At Norton, we’ve got you covered, even on the most complex of winter trips. With us, you’ll enjoy: 

  • Peace of mind: Enjoy worry-free winter sports adventures, knowing you’re protected if the unexpected happens. 
  • Tailored approach: Customisable cover options to match your specific winter holiday needs. 
  • Single and multi-trip options: Protection for just your skiing holiday, or all the trips you’ve planned throughout the year. 
  • Global coverage: Comprehensive protection for winter sports enthusiasts across various countries and continents.  
Person enjoying snowboarding in the air.

What winter sports are covered?

No matter how adventurous you are, we’ve got your back, whether you’re skiing on or off-piste. With our winter sports travel insurance add-on, you’re covered for activities such as: 

  • On-piste skiing and snowboarding 
  • Off-piste skiing and snowboarding with a guide 
  • Ice skating 
  • Ice hockey  
  • Ice fishing 
  • Sledging or sleigh-riding as a passenger (pulled by a horse or reindeer) 
  • Sledging or tobogganing on snow 
  • Husky dog sledding 

If you don’t see your winter sport listed, don’t worry. We can provide winter holiday insurance that covers a range of activities. The best thing to do is request a quote below and our friendly team of personal client managers can help to tailor your policy around your needs. 

Get a quote for winter sports travel insurance

Our team of personal client managers specialise in tailoring winter sports travel insurance to fit all types of winter holidays. We can also find you the right deal to add seasonal ski and snowboard insurance into your annual policy. Get in touch with us today to receive a tailored quote. 

Winter sports insurance and pre-existing medical conditions

Having a medical condition shouldn’t stop you from hitting the slopes. As a trusted travel insurance broker, Norton gives you access to multiple providers for your winter sports insurance. It’s crucial to let us know about any medical conditions upfront. We’ll work diligently to find a provider willing to cover your condition, ensuring you enjoy your winter holiday with complete peace of mind. 

Travel insurance for winter sports: FAQs

What is winter sports travel insurance?

Winter sports travel insurance is an add-on to standard travel insurance which covers winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, as well as winter activities like ice skating and sledging. It offers tailored protection for specific risks associated with winter sports and activities.

Do I need skiing insurance?

If you’re planning a ski trip, it’s recommended to take out specialist travel insurance. Standard travel insurance often excludes cover for winter sports like skiing. A winter sports policy with ski insurance will provide specific protection against skiing accidents and lost or stolen equipment.

Do I need snowboarding travel insurance?

If you’re planning a snowboarding trip, specialised travel insurance is essential. Standard travel policies typically don’t cover winter sports like snowboarding. Opting for a winter sports policy with snowboarding insurance offers protection against snowboarding accidents and ensures coverage for lost or stolen equipment specific to snowboarding.

Is my skiing equipment protected with winter sports travel insurance?

Yes, your skiing equipment is covered with travel insurance specifically for winter sports. It typically protects against loss, damage, delay or theft of your skiing gear, whether its owned or hired.

Am I covered for off-piste skiing?

With Norton Insurance Brokers, we can cover you for off-piste skiing and snowboarding as long as it’s with a guide. But this can vary from provider to provider, and there may be other conditions to bear in mind. It’s important to review the terms of your policy or talk to our friendly team to make sure you’ve got the right ski insurance for off-piste.