How could travel change after the COVID-19 pandemic?


As the vaccination programme rolls out across the UK, many are preparing themselves for a slow but hopefully steady return to normality. The question on many people’s minds, however, is that of travel.

The option to travel abroad for holidays in 2021 remains quite unclear, especially considering the tough restrictions still in place for international travel. It is currently illegal to travel abroad without a ‘permitted reason’, under recent legislation that remains in place until 30th June.

However, when things do eventually return to normal – or at least some semblance of normal – what changes should we expect to see to our travelling habits? Although it’s too early to say anything for definite, we take a look at some of the predictions for future holidays.

Passengers will expect higher sanitisation standards, as well as more space

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a great deal of scrutiny to our public sanitation habits – including the travel and hospitality industry. Whilst people may previously have been entirely comfortable using facilities used by countless others, many will want to be sure that there are improved sanitation procedures in place. It’s also likely that travellers will want to have their own space after such a long time practicing social distancing measures. From standing in queues to sitting next to strangers, the travel industry will have to work hard to make passengers feel safe and comfortable in the post-pandemic world.

Cruise ship routes trips could change

There may be shorter cruise ship routes coming into play when travel is allowed again, as people may not want to spend too long away from home.

Likewise, holidaymakers may favour sailings which are closer to home as opposed to too far away. After all, if something goes wrong, it’s far easier to get home to the UK from the Mediterranean as opposed to the Caribbean.

More of us will use travel advisors

In light of many travel plans being cancelled or postponed over the past year, those booking trips in the future may be unwilling to do so without the help of a professional travel expert. According to National Geographic, it is expected that travel advisors will become ‘essential’ in the landscape of post-pandemic travel. 

Road trips and staycations will become more common

If one thing is certain, it’s that the safety restrictions in place have made people appreciate being closer to home. For future travel plans, it will be likely that this carries into our ‘new normal’, with more people choosing to spend their holidays in the UK. Especially in the coming few years, we should expect to see a rise in staycations, with more of us opting for road trips, caravanning and camping.

Although there have been many predictions on the topic of post-pandemic travel, it is still difficult to say with any certainty what changes will be made. With the emergence of our ‘new normal’ still taking its first steps, it will be interesting to see how travel is affected once restrictions are lifted. And, for those eager to get away, we hope that you can safely do so soon.

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