Crossword: Famous artists and their creations


We’ve put together a fiendishly tricky crossword to test your knowledge of famous artists and their creations!

It’s a difficult puzzle, so for anybody who gets 20/20 questions correct, we’ll add your name to the honour roll in our next newsletter.

Make sure you send us your answers through email or post it to us. You can find more details below.

Good luck!

How to fill in the crossword

To enter your answer, simply click on the first letter of the word you want to fill in, type your answer and click ‘Enter’.

A green tick will appear next to the clue if you’ve answered correctly and a red ‘x’ will appear if you haven’t.

For answers with more than one word, (e.g., ‘Famous Artist’) simply omit the space when typing in your answer (e.g., ‘FamousArtist’).

Are you a winner?

If you’ve got all 20 questions right, we want to hear from you!

To send us your crossword, either:

  • Print-screen your completed crossword and email the image to us at marketing@nortonib.co.uk 
  • Print your crossword out and post it to us at:

Marketing dept.
Norton Insurance Brokers,
4 Vicarage Road,
B15 3ES

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