2021 Norton Customer Survey: what you told us


Your customer service journey with Norton should mean straightforward, efficient care. That’s why we think it’s important to keep in touch with you: to find out which parts of your customer service experience are the best and which you’d like us to improve.

We released a survey in December 2021 to you, our customers, to find out just that. Here’s what you told us.

You said: price and service are equally important in deciding what insurance to buy.

80% of customers taking part in this survey said that both price and service are important in deciding what insurance to buy.

You also said that your previous experiences, brand loyalty, and recommendations from people you trust are important.

Our response: we are committed to consistently good service, and fair pricing.

This is the heart of our personal client manager service: to ensure all our customers have a dedicated contact to speak with who can support you around your insurance needs, concerns and questions. Our goal is to protect your insurance needs with experience, integrity, and care, so you can enjoy more of life’s adventures. Whatever that looks like for you, we will do our utmost to provide the best possible service.   

Our Fair Pricing commitment means that no customer will be charged more just because they are new, or because they have been with us for longer. Both new and existing customers are treated equally and fairly when it comes to price, and we provide a clear breakdown of costs on your renewal invitation so that nothing is hidden.

You said: you want the best price first time and for us to maintain competitive pricing

As well as telling us that price is an important factor in buying insurance, some customers told us they would like to see the best price first time when they receive their renewal invitation.  

Our response: We will always seek to get you the best possible price for the product that best meets your needs.

Many insurance quotes are bespoke, with rates set by your insurer. Each year these are reviewed based on your needs, and we will always look to adjust this for you when your needs change.

In some cases, the insurance policy you have taken out might be the best for your needs, but it might not necessarily be the cheapest product. There are also a number of specialist insurance products in which the premiums are tailored to each individual, meaning we may sometimes need to negotiate with insurers as circumstances change.

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You said: service is the main reason you would recommend Norton

37% of customers responding to our survey said that the service they have received from us is a reason they would recommend us to others. This was the highest reason you gave for recommending Norton.

Our response: we will continue to provide a service you can trust to take care of you and others.

This is the reason we have introduced Personal Client Managers – so that we can give our customers a more individual service, that keeps in step with your individual needs. We are committed to a high level of service to all our customers, and are investing in ongoing training and resourcing to ensure we can keep these standards high as we grow.


You said: you want easier access to your documents, quotes and online payments

We asked for your honest recommendations for what we can do better. One of the areas which came up was around your documents, quotes and payments, and the desire to get better and easier access to these, including online access.

Our response: we are developing a customer portal that will allow you to access all your insurance documents in one place.

We will continue to post or email your documents as desired, but in time we will also provide you a way to manage your insurance documents easily and simply online via your own login.


We’d like to thank each of our customers who took part in our December survey, and say how pleased we are that so many of you are happy with our services. Likewise, we’ve listened to your comments and will use them wisely to ensure that we’re continuing to provide you with a positive insurance experience.


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