What does my personal client manager (PCM) do?


Joe Turner, Norton Manager

If you’ve never had a personal client manager (aka PCM) for your insurance before, you might wonder what benefit they offer to you.

We understand that time is often at a premium, so our goal with giving you a personal client manager is to help you save on the time and hassle often associated with sorting out your insurance. Here are five things your personal client manager is here to do for you.

Your PCM answers your insurance questions

Not sure if a particular destination is included in your travel policy? Want to know if your son can drive your car? Trying to get breakdown cover that will include a trip to Italy? Your personal client manager is here for all these questions and more.

They advocate for your needs

As brokers, it’s our job to bridge the gap between customer and insurer. That means working to find you the best solutions for your particular insurance needs. Instead of you spending hours running quotes on comparison sites, your personal client manager can go out to market for you.

They’re experienced in a wide range of insurance types, so they know where to look and what conversations to hold with the insurer on your behalf.

Every now and then you might call us with something we’ve never come across before, but you can rely on your PCM to do their best to find you cover, whether it’s a boat, a tank or a castle

Your personal client manager is your first port of call

While we can’t promise they’ll be available 24/7 (what with holidays, eating and sleeping!), your personal client manager is there as the first port of call for your insurance. That means you have their direct number, and don’t have to go through a switchboard each time you want to speak with them.

You can email them directly too, and know that you’re dealing with someone who knows your history and cover needs.

And on the odd occasion your PCM isn’t available, our other friendly team members will be there to take care of you.

Want to find out whether a personal client manager could be the right choice for you?

Give us a call and we’ll have a no-pressure conversation with you; contact us on 0121 248 9440, or email enquiries@nortonib.co.uk

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