Single Trip vs Annual Travel Insurance: Which is best for you?


Forget baggage allowances and holiday itineraries, the most important holiday prep happens before your holiday has even begun: getting your travel insurance in check.

In this article, we will delve into the differences between a single-trip and an annual travel insurance policy, and the additional benefits you could be missing out on.

Let’s get into it.

What is single trip travel insurance?

Single-trip travel insurance is aimed at those going on only one trip for the whole year. The cover will be specific to the region (or regions) you’re visiting, and reflect the specific activities you’re planning on undertaking that an insurer would want to know about – for example, skiing or extreme sports.

In some cases, single trip policies may have restrictions on the length of a single holiday e.g. 90 days.

What is multi-trip, annual travel insurance?

In contrast to single-trip travel insurance, an annual travel insurance policy will cover you for any and all trips you take within one calendar year. Meaning if you take out your policy in June, you’ll be covered for any holidays you go on until the June of the following year.

Your annual travel insurance policy can cover you no matter how frequently – or where – you travel. An annual policy can still apply to specific regions, although a generic worldwide policy is an option too.

Importantly, you will still need to inform your insurer on the specifics of each trip such as if you plan to take part in additional activities such as golf, or skiing where you’d require winter sports insurance to be added onto your policy.

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What additional benefits do I get with an annual travel insurance policy?

While single-trip travel insurance can be cheaper and is good for those taking one-off trips during the year, did you know that an annual policy can actually be cheaper than single-trip cover, even if you’re going on just one trip?

This is an important one. Many people aren’t covered at the time of booking their holiday when they opt to buy a single-trip policy later down the line. By having an annual travel insurance policy covering you all year around – no matter when you book your holidays – you’ll have that added level of protection.

Remember, your travel insurance won’t just cover you for your trip but will also cover you if your trip is unexpectedly cancelled.

Many people aren’t aware that an annual travel policy also covers you for your UK getaways – including a host of things that might surprise you, which we’ll get onto next…

As well as protecting you against the usual, your personal belongings cover also covers you if you drop your smartphone and the screen smashes, and if your luggage is damaged on a train journey.       


Pre-booked activities are covered as standard under your annual travel insurance policy. It covers you in instances such as not being able to attend your pre-booked day out at a theme park if you’re unable to go because of illness, or if you can’t make a guided city tour you booked due to issues with travel.

Consider the convenience of an annual travel insurance policy too. If you’ve already got one trip planned but may be taking another one later in the year, it could be a better idea to buy an annual travel insurance policy off the bat to save yourself from having to go through the booking rigmarole again. And even better, our experienced Personal Client Managers will shop around to get you the best policy around your needs. It’s a win-win.

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So, which travel insurance policy should I choose?

It really does all depend on your plans. We recommend considering how frequently you travel – both abroad and in the UK.

Even if you’re planning to go on one holiday abroad throughout the year, with an annual travel insurance policy you have peace of mind knowing you’re covered at the time of booking, it’s convenient and you’ll get other benefits for your travels around the UK too.

Generally, we recommend an annual travel insurance policy for the reasons stated above. But as a specialist insurance broker, we absolutely know that needs vary, and a policy needs to be tailored for the client.

That’s where we can help. If you’d like to chat to us about your travel plans for this year and which policy suits you, please call us or get in touch with us below.

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