Travel Insurance 101: Your guide to staying protected


When you go abroad, you’ve got enough to pack without bringing your worries with you, too.

That’s where we can help. You could be a seasoned traveller or be taking your first trip abroad, but our tailored travel insurance is the safety net you need to make your trip stress-free.

Do I need travel insurance?

Whether you’re going abroad for leisure or something else, travelling can be stressful, with ducks to put in a row and loose ends to tie up before double (then triple!) checking that you’ve got everything you need.

The last thing you want to do is think about what could go wrong while you’re away, or whether you’ve got the right package to support you should the unexpected happen.

But accidents do happen, and nobody can predict the future or control everything, no matter how hard we try.

What things do people claim for?

Over the past five years, Forbes found that the two most common reasons someone made a claim on their travel insurance were from trip cancellations and lost belongings, at 35% and 31% respectively.

27% of claims were for emergency medical treatment, while 25% were for flight delays.

Some other reasons people claimed:

  • Trip interruption or curtailment – 20% of claims
  • Stolen belongings – 18% of claims
  • Emergency evacuation – 13% of claims
  • Natural disasters – 14% of claims

A full list of travel insurance claims stats.
Full list of travel insurance claims stats. Source: Forbes.com

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What’s included in my travel insurance policy?

Although policies can be tailored around your needs, generally speaking, travel insurance can cover you for:

  • Flight delays and cancellations
  • Lost luggage
  • Unforeseen medical costs
  • Lost or stolen passports
  • Personal liability (i.e., if you’re responsible for causing an accident or injury to someone else)
  • Trips in the UK

Even better, you’ll have your own Personal Client Manager, who can discuss your options and ensure your policy works for you and any family members you want covered.

What travel insurance do I need?

Your lifestyle and your travel needs will determine the type of travel insurance policy you need. Before going abroad, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I packing any valuables? If yes, make sure your insurer is aware! 
  2. Do I have any medical conditions? If yes, make sure your insurer is aware! 
  3. Will I be partaking in any activities such as skiing? If yes, does your insurer know? 
  4. How many trips abroad will I be taking throughout the year? If quite a few, you may want to consider an annual, multi-trip policy.
  5. Is the cover just for myself or for the whole family? Ensure everybody on the trip is covered.
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Travel insurance done differently

We tend to find that the travel insurance available on the market starts from a place of exclusions rather than inclusions, which can be very limiting.

We like to do things a bit differently at Norton, and source protection to suit you rather than the other way around.

Whether you have a passion for thrill-seeking activities, are going abroad for a destination wedding or about to embark on a golfing trip of a lifetime, we’ve got the right protection for you.

What sort of trips am I covered for?

The world is your oyster when insuring your trips away with Norton. Our travel insurance can cover a whole range of trips, including:

Activity & golf holidays

Destination weddings

Backpacking trips

Cruise holidays

For those people who enjoy the great outdoor adventures, we also offer cover for your touring caravan and small craft, so that you can protect what’s important to you. 

Travel Insurance with Norton

Our team of Personal Client Managers are experienced in arranging travel insurance for a range of needs. Contact us today for a bespoke quote to suit your travel plans.