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How does excess protection cover work?

Excess protection is basically a form of reimbursement, so you have to have paid your excess in the first place before you can make a claim. Once this has happened, when you get paid will depend on whether your motor insurance claim is fault or non-fault.

In the case of a fault claim, your excess protection will pay out after the motor insurance claim has been settled. If your claim is non-fault or you’re only partially at fault, your excess protection cover will pay out if your insurer still hasn’t recovered the money from the third party 6 months after the claim incident.

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Excess protection for single or multiple vehicles


Our multi vehicle excess protection gives you cover for up to 10 vehicles and up to £1,000 per claim. You can claim up to an overall total of £3,000 in a year, with no limit to the overall number of claims made. You don’t need to declare the cars on cover: the policy will automatically cover the vehicles (up to 10) on your multi car insurance policy schedule with us.

Excess protection is an add-on, meaning it’s an optional extra you can add to your existing specialist or multi vehicle policy. If you don’t have car insurance with us, then we cannot offer excess protection as a standalone policy.

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    Frequently asked questions about excess protection

    Is excess protection worth having?

    It depends how large your excess is, and how often you might need to claim. But the cost of excess protect cover will usually be significantly less than if you had to pay your excess for a claim, and certainly much less if you have multiple claims in a year. If you have a large excess, or multiple vehicles, it could be more worthwhile. It all comes down to how much protection you’d like against finding yourself out of pocket due to a claim.

    Can I get excess protection for multiple vehicles?

    Yes, we offer multi vehicle excess protection. This provides cover for up to 10 vehicles, with a £3,000 maximum claim limit per year. This is an aggregate limit, meaning it’s a limit on the accumulated cost of claims in the policy term rather than any one claim.

    I have more than ten vehicles, how do I get them all covered by multi car excess protection?

    If you have more then 10 vehicles on your multi car policy, you can take out a second multi car excess protection policy to cover the additional vehicles. Just talk to us about what would work best for you and we can help with this.

    When would my excess protection pay out?

    To claim successfully on your excess protection policy, your motor insurance claim needs to be accepted by your insurer. The cost of your claim must be equal to or higher than your policy excess.

    If your claim exceeds the £1,000 per-claim limit, or the £3,000 aggregate limit for the 12-month policy term, you may not receive a payment, or you may receive only a partial payment. There are some kinds of claims that would not be insured, such as if you’ve misfuelled the vehicle, or you’re making a windscreen (glass) claim.



    Additional cover options for peace of mind

    Keep your cars, yourself and your family protected with cover that takes care of life’s unexpected challenges. We’re pleased to provide breakdown cover, motor legal protection, and key cover amongst other helpful policy add-ons to give you peace of mind.

    Motor legal

    Get 24/7 legal advice and support if you have a motor-related legal dispute, for example over an accident, vehicle cloning, buying a car and more. Motor legal protection also offers uninsured loss recovery.

    Breakdown insurance

    Our breakdown cover is provided by the award-winning team at ALPS, and can cover you for one car or many. With homestart, roadside assistance and vehicle repatriation all available, ask us about a breakdown solution that works for you.

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    Vehicle collections

    Many of our customers collect classic vehicles, and need particular insurance for them based on how and where they’re stored, how far they’re driven, whether you take them abroad and your vehicles’ value. We offer free agreed valuation on any classic vehicle, and we can combine this with limited mileage discounts for cars that aren’t taken out as often. We also have specialist insurance policies available for collections of sports and performance cars.

    Speak with our experienced team to find the most suitable cover option for your vehicle collection.

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