Holiday home insurance now available through Norton

Holiday home insurance

If you’re lucky enough to own a holiday home or a second home, there’s no better time to ensure it has adequate protection in place to protect it from the risks of the upcoming holiday season.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new holiday home insurance, which seems to have arrived just in time for the summer. As people around the UK start to make holiday plans and prepare to enjoy the sunshine, it appears likely that staycations will be a popular choice this year.

Holiday home insurance through Norton will cover both second / holiday homes which are for personal use or rented out – or both. That means you can get cover for a home that you let to other holidaymakers, and for a property which acts as your private home away from home. In the spirit of staycations, we’re sure many of our customers will be pleased to know that this type of cover extends to anywhere in the UK, including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Why is holiday home insurance important?

Holiday home insurance is tailored to the risks that are unique to your second home. In some cases, owners assume that a standard home insurance policy will cover their second home adequately. However, as many owners will already be aware, you usually can’t buy a standard home insurance for your second home. This is because most standard home insurance policies won’t cover a property which is left alone for more than 30 days at a time.

Unoccupancy is a common feature of most holiday homes or second homes. Not being lived in for longer periods can make your property more susceptible to damage from things like theft, fire, flood or subsidence, as some damage may go unnoticed for a longer period of time when compared to your main home. You’ll need a policy which takes all of this into account and protects your holiday home against these specific risks.

With a Norton holiday home insurance policy, you’ll be able to secure a range of cover options for unoccupancy. If this is the case for your second home, you should aim to visit your property every 30 days (or ask a trusted representative), and keep a log of every visit in case you ever need to make a claim.

What will holiday home insurance provide cover for?

Our holiday home insurance can be adapted to suit your property, whether it’s a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere or a large house in the UK’s busiest holiday destination. Our cover includes:

  • Damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake and aircraft
  • Theft and attempted theft at the property
  • Cover for replacing locks, safes, or alarms following a theft or loss of keys
  • Accidental damage on contents
  • £2,000,000 property owners’ liability cover
  • £5,000,000 employers’ liability cover
  • Varying excess, which lowers when the property is occupied
  • A choice to cover buildings only or to include contents cover

To get a quote for your holiday home insurance, please use our specialist quote portal here, or speak to your personal client manager.

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