UK road trips: Will they play a bigger part in our new lifestyle?


With over a year of intermittent indoor isolation under our belts, the budding sunshine seems to be casting a very warm glow over our new-found freedom in these upcoming summer months. And, while the question of foreign travel still hangs uncertainly over our heads, many holidaymakers are turning to road trips around the UK this year instead.

From budget holiday to dream destination

Once a last-minute or budget break, road trip staycations are now becoming very on-trend in Britain. After being forced to spend so much time indoors, it makes sense that many of us are appreciating the option to explore further afield.

Of course, many of us have enjoyed camping in Wales or hiking in the Lake District long before the period of lockdown, but after being unable to visit any of these scenic spots for so long, we’re certainly not taking them for granted. Now, instead of wanting to jump on a plane as soon as possible, we’re taking our time to look around our own country and truly realise how stunning it can be.

Slow tourism and sustainable travel

From next-day shipping to video calls, our culture of instant gratification has extended to our travel habits. As a result, fast tourism has prevailed; this defines the modern era of budget airlines and quick flights, with holidaymakers snapping a few pictures of the Eiffel Tower before rushing to their next bucket list destination. With travel as a frenzied sprint, this leaves little time to take in the scenery or to appreciate what’s around you.

Slow tourism, as the name suggests, is the exact opposite. Instead of a quick plane ride, travel trends are now focusing on ways to travel sustainably, making our journeys slower and perhaps longer than before. This is broadly a result of us becoming more conscious of our impact on the world, especially when it comes to travel. And it’s not just in our personal lives, either. The government are introducing a lot of changes to make our travel greener, such as E10 fuel or Clean Air Zones in various UK cities. It’s now best practice to take care of our planet, and this includes the way we choose to travel.

The journey is just as important as the destination

Slow tourism also means that travellers can pay more attention to the journey itself. When the journey is just as important as your destination, you can take time to fully explore your surroundings and experience every little bump in the road and feel more relaxed along the way.

Road trips are giving people a new lease of life, allowing travellers to see the great outdoors in all its glory. And now that we once again have the ability to travel between Scotland and England, for example, or England and Wales, we are able to truly appreciate the beauty of Great Britain.

Top destinations around the UK

Scotland: There’s plenty to see and do in Scotland, with the North Coast 500 being a globally-famous driving route. What better way to see the rugged north coast of Scotland in all its glory?

England: Although there are a greater number of metropolitan areas in England, there are still a few scenic routes along the Southern coast or up north in the Lake District which are a wonderful way to spend your trip.

Wales: Wales is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain, with the Brecon Beacons and the Snowdonia National Parks at each end of the country. Both of these areas make for fantastic driving trips, with the Cambrian Way route connecting both mountain ranges.

Northern Ireland: As anybody who has visited Northern Ireland will know, there are some breath-taking driving routes to choose from, with panoramic views of the picturesque landscape for countless miles. The Coastal Causeway route is especially popular, and definitely one to look into if you want a road trip to remember!

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