Cruise Travel Insurance

What's included in our cruise insurance

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Our cruise insurance cover ensures extra protection in instances where a standard travel insurance policy wouldn’t. As well as your standard benefits such as having cover for unexpected trip cancellations, medical emergencies and lost or stolen luggage, with cruise cover you can also get protection for:

  • Missed port departures or delays: Delays happen, and sometimes they mean missing the cruise ship’s departure. With this cover, you’re protected against these delays, ensuring you can catch up with your cruise and continue your journey with minimal hassle, and financial compensation.
  • Cabin confinement: If you fall ill and the cruise’s staff confine you to your cabin, it’s going to disrupt your holiday. You will get compensation for those days spent recovering, so you don’t lose out financially while you get better.
  • High-risk, adventurous activities: Whether you’re ziplining through a rainforest in South America, or scuba diving in crystal clear waters in the Caribbean, you can be covered for these high risk activities. Feel confident and safe knowing you’re protected while you seek adventure.
  • Unused excursions: Sometimes, you may book an exciting excursion only to find you’re too unwell to attend. We reimburse you for any pre-booked excursions you can’t use due to covered reasons, ensuring you’re not left out of pocket.
  • Itinerary changes: Cruises can be unpredictable, with itinerary changes due to weather or other factors. Our insurance covers the additional costs incurred from these changes, keeping your plans on track without added stress.
  • Increased baggage and personal belongings cover: Cruises often involve bringing more baggage than you would on typical holidays. You can get increased cover for your belongings, protecting your valuables throughout your trip.

By insuring with us, the level of cruise cover that you require can be tailored around your needs. For example, if you know that the value of your personal belongings is higher than a typical policy would be, we can increase the limits of this so that you’re fully covered.

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Will a standard travel insurance policy cover me?

When it comes to cruising, a standard travel insurance policy might seem like it has you covered, but there’s a catch. Cruises tend to combine a wide range of high risk activities, destinations and potential risks that a standard policy may not fully account for.

A standard policy would not cover cruise-specific situations like cabin confinement due to sickness, missed port departures or shipboard medical care. So, while you might feel a bit of cover overlap, the bespoke nature of cruise travel insurance ensures that those cruise-specific quirks are covered.

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Does cruise travel insurance cover land holidays too?

Absolutely! Cruise travel insurance doesn’t just protect you on the high seas, it also extends for those land-based trips you go on too. When you disembark to explore the cobblestone streets of a quaint European village, or onto a tropical beach with bright blue waters in the Caribbean, your cruise insurance follows right along.

It’s important to note that while many policies include cover for activities and excursions on land as part of your cruise itinerary, the extent of this cover can vary. As previously mentioned, you should let your insurer know about your plans so that you’re fully covered without worry.

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Why choose Norton for your cruise travel insurance?

Planning your cruise holiday is complex, so getting the right cruise insurance in place can be made easier by speaking to a specialist broker who can take care of it for you. With Norton, as well as getting all the cover you need and more, you’ll also:

  • Save time shopping around on comparison sites (that have less cover than us) whilst we do it for you – getting you the best cover at a competitive price.
  • Have your very own Personal Client Manager as a direct point of contact who you can call with any questions about your policy – at no extra cost.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if the unexpected happens.

When you enlist specialist travel insurance brokers like our team, we work with you to shape the policy around your exact needs. For example, if you feel like any of your cover is too high or low, we can adjust it, so it’s tailored around your requirements. We understand that each cruise holiday has unique needs, and our job is to tailor your insurance accordingly.

Get a quote for Cruise Insurance

Our Personal Client Managers specialise in tailoring cruise travel insurance to fit all types of cruise holidays. Fill in your details below for a bespoke quote around your needs.

Cruise insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

Don’t let having a medical condition stop you from enjoying a cruise holiday. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it’s crucial to let us know about them upfront. We’ll work with our specialist cruise travel insurance providers to get the exact cover you need for your holiday.

Whether it be tailored coverage for ongoing treatments, or emergency medical care at sea, our goal is to make sure you’re fully protected.

Cruise Travel Insurance FAQs

Do I need travel insurance for a cruise holiday?

Absolutely, getting cruise travel insurance for your holiday is a must. Cruise insurance covers unique situations such as medical emergencies in international waters, missed port departure or delays, cabin confinement and increased baggage cover.

Having cruise travel insurance ensures peace of mind while you enjoy your cruise holiday.

What happens if my cruise holiday is cancelled?

If your cruise holiday is cancelled, cruise holiday insurance typically covers the non-refundable parts of your trip. This includes the cost of the cruise itself and any pre-paid, non-refundable travel arrangements like flights and excursions.

Ensure your policy includes cancellation cover to protect your investments.

How do I get a quote for cruise holiday insurance?

Getting a quote for cruise holiday insurance is straightforward. You can contact us by completing a short enquiry form or calling us. We will ask for details about your itinerary, the duration of your trip and any special activities you plan to enjoy.

This information helps us customise the cruise travel insurance policy to meet your specific needs.

Am I insured if I take part in excursions and water sports during my cruise holiday?

Yes, travel insurance for cruises often includes cover for some shore excursions and water sports, although it’s important to check for any exclusions. Activities considered high risk, such as scuba diving, will likely require additional cover.

We ensure your insurance for a cruise holiday includes these activities so you can enjoy them without worry.

Does cruise travel insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes, we can cover any pre-existing medical conditions you have in your cruise travel insurance policy. Discussing your medical history with us ensures that your cruise insurance provides comprehensive cover. You need to declare these conditions at the time of purchasing a policy.

What destinations does cruise travel insurance cover?

You should be covered in most destinations, provided the country is considered safe to visit. Whether you’re cruising the Caribbean, exploring the Mediterranean, or visiting Alaska, cruise travel insurance ensures you are covered. You should make sure your policy covers every destination you’re visiting across the entire duration of your trip.

You should refer to FCDO’s travel advice to verify your destination’s safety.